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Ith exercise bands you can add an e Clearly explained and illustrated A uniue system I found the section on detecting and correcting flaws very useful A fencing manual should be entertaining as well as instructive or else the instruction usually doesn t stick This manual raises the bar for both It does not over assume what the reader nows yet the explanations are not heavy The prose is serious in approach and light in tone laced with a mordant humor recognizable in most fencing masters The text moves from the basic building blocks of this particular fencing tradition to complex grids and teaching aids and is liberally illustrated with simple but effective line diagrams with captions that are often very amusing I was particularly charmed by the fact that the drawings represented people of a variety of body types and ages which is an accurate reflection of the fact that fencing as a discipline can accommodate nearly any body type and level of athleticismI noticed a few typos and formatting issues in this first edition but I expect the author will take care of them in subseuent editions which there certainly ought to be in the future as people make use of this book Recommended for fencer and non fencer alike after all turning the latter into the former means sparring partners in the club Clear concise instruction manual A perfectly adeuate resource for taking up saber practice in isolation Describes the basics very well and includes additional materials that provide history and scope to the disciplineI wish i had a sparring partner theres little progress left for me to make without one But this book was invaluable in getting me to that point Clear instructions decent illistrations This particular book assumes that you the beginning practitioner are a backcountry rube drafted into the army to conduct civil wars with cossacks and tartars That is exactly what i wanted to learn a no frills business style designed for the laymanI recommend this If you get it and read it and like it lets meet up sometime and fight. Order to demonstrate how the lineage the author learned is and is not like other methods of fencing taught in Hungary and at the Wiener Neustadt cadet school in the mid to late 19th century up through World War

A very good treaties about saber Fencing Russ Mitchell s Hungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing is easily one of the best HEMA Historical European Martial Arts books I ve had the pleasure to read As approachable as it is informative Hungarian Hussar Sabre introduces the reader to than Russ first hand experience and Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out knowledge of a broken Hungarian sabre tradition it provides a template for how one might best write about or teach such a tradition In fact Russ provides a wonderful model for anyone trying to explain a complicated martial system from warm up to tacticsThe author s experience with an instructor of the tradition is well laid out the descriptions and explanations for positions techniues and plays are explained clearly and accompanied by illustrations of everyday folk the very folk you mightnow from your own club or school the reasoning for those positions and techniues are situated in context and in a way unlike many works on military sabre As a uick example the suared stance the guardsparries make complete sense given the Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature's Twelve Mineral Compounds kit a late 19thearly 20th century soldier would have been wearing and given the contexts in which that same soldier may have found himself having to use a sabre this information given to Russ by his instructor Prof Csaba Hid n provides a uniue layer ofnow how to this system As someone intimately acuainted with late 19th century military sabre texts this sort of second hand information something Hid n learned from his grandfather and grandfather s friends who were Hussars fills in critical gaps that the official texts left outAdded to this Russ includes translations from ey works that provide a window into his own tradition such as Baron Samu Chappon s Sabre Fencing 1891 and works that to date have not been translated into English For students of Italian sabre like myself who were trained in the mid century blend of Hungarian and Italian fencing ie the Italo Hungarian tradition what Russ reveals here supplies a much needed glimpse into what differentiates the Hungarian from This is a heavily illustrated step by step guide for how to fence and how to teach Hungarian sabre fencing as well as how to use the fokos or long handled axe traditional to Hungary and East Central Europe It cove.

He Italian systems There are translations of most ey Italian sabre texts but precious few for Hungarian sources of which there were far fewerHungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing goes one step further and introduces a short section on the fokos a form of shepherd s axe that is again uniue Students of axe especially those familiar with the mss of Fiore dei Liberi or the anonynous Le Jeu de la Hache will see much that is familiar Taken together the sections on sabre for foot fokos and the sabre for cavalry present for the first time in English a valuable introduction to Hungarian sabre More than that this book fills in a critical piece many fencers Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies know exists but which few of us lacking Hungarian have had access toIf your interest is sabre generally you need to read this book if you are a student of modern sabre you should read this book if you like me were taught by maestri within the Italo Hungarian orbit you must read this book to understand better your own tradition if you need a guide for how to write for HEMA you need to read this book Informative fascinating and fun Russ Mitchell s Hungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing is a fantastic read I really like the plain and straightforward relaxed tone and style of the author This lineage is uite a bit different from those I have read prior so it was illuminatingThe author includes several other short works and draws connections from them to his lineage both to show similarities and to provide contrast Fighting on horseback and in armor is a big change as well in military formations when it comes to whether a lunge is a good idea for example Also footwork you want toeep relatively simple because the ground isn t going to be as flat as in a civilian salle for exampleThe fokos stuff was really uite different from what I was expecting In a strange way it ind of reminded me of Meyer or a Fiore trained fighter using retracted stances to hide and mess with distance to get a hit inCool beans and worth reading Oh I forgot Loved the exercises in the beginning Rs everything from basic stance work and tactics to complete synoptic tables and how to troubleshoot students who are having difficulty with the material The manual also provides translated comparative material in.

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Free Ebook Hungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing (Austro–Hungarian Military Sabre Series) – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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