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Book arrived as described and the print is in good uality Very happy with my purchase As a newcomer to the world of HEMA this translation of Fiore s treatise has allowed me to start practicing solo since I can t get to a club due to lockdownThe translation and layout do a great job of preserving the feel of a medieval fighting treatise while making the text accessible in English to a novice fencer Highly recommend There could be fancier ones available but this one despite a few awkward page formats reads true enough to the Getty for practical purposes and uick reference Whether your interest in the subject is academic or practical you can t go wrong with this book If definitely makes me want to buy a training sword and try out his techniues uick delivery no issues with item Aside Fiore dei Liberi was a weapons master from Italy who was active in the 14th and early 15th century After fifty years of training Italys elite he put his art to paper and created the Flower of Battle The Flow.

ONLINE The Flower of Battle: MS Ludwig XV13 author By UNKNOWN – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

RivedFinal point to add the book even smells heavenly suggesting that no expense has been spared in it s compilation and construction Open the pages and stick your nose in you won t be disappointed Book looks like it was photocopied and thrown into your average children s story book font is unbearable to readBook also came damaged which looks not to be the fault of eitherOverall This is very overpriced but has good illustrations This is a must have for any student of Fiore I was introduced to Fiore by the Mastering the Art of Arms works of Dr Guy Windsor which I also highly recommend and now I can see the original drawing and translated text of Fiore on the plays and techniues that are covered in that series Great stuff even for an idle browse through if you are not a HEMA practitioner. Py of Fiores work and has been painstakingly translated by Colin Hatcher and formatted to be as close to the original as possible by Tracy Mellow in an effort to bring Fiores work to the English speaking wor.

Rom people who 2 star this book for how it arrived I can honestly say that I believe this book to be one of the best HEMA related works I ve ever read So often in modern interpretations of historical work contemporary authors seem determined to overly complicate the message perhaps in order to exaggerate their nowledge but one of the best things about this book is its sheer simplicity It is beautifully written from the initial intro onwards and very well translated even for hardcore German longsword students like me The book is exuisitely put together and performs well either as a guide to training or as a bed time read too I highly recommend that you buy this book I don t think you ll be disappointed Unless of course you re the type of person that marks a book down because of how it ar. Er of Battle covers unarmed combat the use of the dagger sword spear axe as well as fighting in armor without and on horseback as well as other odds and ends MS Ludwig XV 13 is the most complete surviving co.

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