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Online Pdf The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: Royal Armouries MS I.33 ì au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

T here the original manuscript in high ality on one side the translation with the original Latin learning sword I33 doesn t go into stance and footwork or even detail different custodia positions or obsessio much I33 seems to be a concerned with how to beat the ordinary combatant and describes what the ordinary combatant will do and what the Priest does and so should you I33 seems to be self defense for the Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution un armoured fighter and it is best optimized for swords that are a little tip heavy than what we oftense in HEMA Binding is really emphasized which is different from fex the Bolognese tradition 2 300 years later where you d probably se a little longer slimmer sword with hand protectionYet while some concepts are for the advanced even the new fencer should have I33 if you do sword and buckler What isn t clear now will be in time and you can then compare what you ve found to work now with what they do here Just don t expect I33 to be a clear introduction to sword and buckler the translation doesn t include any advice on how to fence Ther. Canon Dated to c 1310 it is a stunning work of late medieval art and the Armouries most treasured manuscript one so famous it has become known simply by.

This facsimile of the oldest known Fechtbuch I33 is beautifully presented with a detailed introduction by one of the leading scholars of medieval martial arts Jeffrey Forgeng The manuscript itself is presented in true scale with latin transcription and English translation which gives one the impression of reading the original manuscript while making it accessible in modern language Worth every penny for a student of medieval sword and buckler combat I had been looking for this book for over 10 years Back when I first found out about it I didn t have the means to acuire it and when I finally did I found it was Packed full of info and high ality imagesA great purchase for someone interested in HEMA with the I33 techniues The book is a real wonder nfortunately the packaging is rubbish they introduce the book directly without any protection or padding in an box as a result any blow to the box is irreparable damage to the book regrettable Awesome this is done as perfect as a translation can be done Jeffrey Forgeng really did everything righ. Royal Armouries Manuscript I33 also known as the Tower Fechtbuch or the Walpurgis Manuscript is the oldest known manual of swordsmanship in the Western.

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E s an intro about the text and history but this is only the treatise If you train HEMA you might want a companion book to this oneAnd a last word about this translation It s so good and so beautiful that if there s one treatise I were to show any friends it would be this one The I33 manuscript including its pictures latin text of the handwriting with english translationAnd a short overview of its historyIn my opinion perfect for HEMA practioners and history entusiasts Interesting book yet of an artistic piece than an actual fencing study companion for someone trying to learn techniue Although you certainly could learn from this book many of the explanations dont go into depth and are somewhat lacking in extrapolation I must say however the artwork is visually appealing and rather handsome in medieval motif and the physical build of the book is of very high ality This is of a coffee table book than a real study guide for someone interested in practicing HEMA That being said if you are interested in medieval combat you will enjoy this book. Its shelf number I33 This new edition includes a critical introduction transcription and translation by Jeffrey L Forgeng the foremost authority on I33.

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