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Stained and Art Glass: A Uniue History of Glass Design & Making (The Intelligent Layman's Series) Ò EBOOK by NEISWANDER SWASH – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

This is a comprehensive history of art glass making It is an invaluable eference book for any student of art glass clearly set out beautifully illustrated and accessible However as its name implies it also has a lot. Glass is a magical medium capable of infinite manipulation When hot it can be blown or moulded drawn out as thin as a butterfly's wings or cast into shapes of awe inspiring monumentality When cold it can be cut into infinite shapes oughened with sand blasting or eaten away with acid While still transparent it can be made tough enough to stop bullets or so delicate it trembles at a touch Glass has been made for thousands of years yet we are still just beginning to explore its potential A complex silicate of metallic oxide glass dates at least from ancient Mesopotamia Du.

To offer to non art students tooI was pleasantly surprised at how big a book it is I should look at the product descriptions carefully Often I have bought art eference books and found them slight affairs exorbitantly. Ring succeeding centuries it was formed into objects deluxe for the wealthy few or used to adorn architecture especially houses of faith with miraculous windows In the nineteenth century new methods of production brought glass within each of the general population but it was still mainly used for such functional applications as tableware or lighting or for the occasional display piece Only toward the end of the nineteenth century did individual artists begin to explore this material s an expressive medium a fascinating evolution that this book traces over 150 years Sta.

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Priced This is a hefty book and worth every penny of its very competitive price super book Gift Cuba: Music and Revolution: Original Album Cover Art of Cuban Music, The Record Sleeve Designs of Revolutionary Cuba… recipient who works in stained glass was gobsmacked when sheeceived this book Says it is beautiful and inspires ideas. Ined & Art Glass considers both studio glass and fault stained glass from the artist's point of view While the different methods have their own histories at every step experiments by individuals have produced the hugely expanded ange of techniues available to glass artists today SELLING POINTS •Glass shows thousands of different characteristics depending on the light This book shows how some 300 artists and other workers in glass throughout the world and across time have uses it •Presents almost 1000 colour images •Includes a glossary of terms and an index of artist.

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