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Y library ever Amazing could have done with photos and glossy paper This guy was in my opinion one of the best sculptors in known history and his theories about humanity and our leaders are deliciously offensiveA bit too much text and not enough pictures and the matte paper is a real disappointment tr s int ressant sur le plan graphiu. Common protolanguage Protong bearing a striking resemblance to present day Polish Behold The Protong first published by Bray in 1980 was the first book in 50 ears to bring Szukalski's work to the light of the American public It is a modest selection from the thousands of drawings in the Zermatism oeuvre The Work of Szukalski Covici McGee 1923 and Projects in Design University of Chicago Press 1929 showed the oung Szukalski's strength as artist sculptor This book combines those vitalities and steps beyond the accepted rules for artists in that it is divinely idiosyncratic and wholly uni.

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R deserves much recognition for his insight and sensitivity to what might have happened millions of ears ago and actually predicts accurately the situation we are in today with foul politics in our nation and destruction of nature in our worldI wish I had known about him before but this book is possibly the most important addition to Ly regarded in both the US and Poland between the World Wars he lapsed into obscurity living and working in America's Cultural Siberia Southern California until comic art collector Glenn Bray rediscovered him in 1973 For forty ears Szukalski had developed his all encompassing science Zermatism about the origin of Man laid down in 39 heavily illustrated volumes with subjects such as Universal Pictography The Flood Scumline and Anthropolitical Motivations The work sets out to prove among much else that Man apes make bad politicians and that all Humanity stemmed from Easter Island sharing

I must have been smoking what the author was smoking when I made the dumb decision to purchase this book Page after page of tedious detailed absolute nonsense Some of the illustrations are uite good A book showing a collection of his drawings and sculptures would have been a much better purchase Nice book I love this book the sculpto. Szukalski is now the subject of the critically acclaimed 2018 Netflix documentary Struggle The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski directed by Irek Dobrowolski and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio Extracts from the 39 volumes of my science Zermatism based on new interpretations of petroglyphic communications in which will be revealed the most precedent shattering and up turning of all notions on our origins Including samplings from Anthropolitical Motivations The Deluged Gods and Listen to These Stones Stanislav Szukalski 1893 1987 was a Polish born sculptor writer graphic artist and heretic High.

Read Ebook Behold!!! The Protong: Extracts from the 39 volumes of my science “Zermatism” – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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