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D but by Harris own admission The show changed rom one of drama action and suspense to over the top comedy Don t get me wrong I still enjoyed the show despite this The trio of Smith Will and the Robot is great stuff But too much of great stuff like ice cream can make you sick It got to be way too much The book points out how repetitious the stories became And towards the end of the series the use of the same sets props and monsters was ridiculous I admit that after reading this book I will probably be tainted now in my opinion of Dr Smith on screen knowing now what a jerk Jonathan Harris was Where I mostly enjoyed his performances as Dr Smith before it will be hard to completely separate it rom my dislike of Harris now Lost is Space was mostly a good show but had Harris not altered its trajectory just like Dr Smith did with the Jupiter 2 it could have been a great show Too bad. Undreds of photosmany never seen beforeWith this book series author Marc Cushman has built a time tunnel to take you back to the mid and late 1960s so that you may witness and experience the making of this iconic television seri.

Nt watching Lost In Space every day at 430 on WNEW ollowed by Star Trek at 600 on WPIX I knew every episode of each by heart identified with Will Robinson and made audio tapes of each episo There is way too much Mr Wilder and Me fluff in the book Tons of pages of just information you already know and don t need to know Too much synopsis uotationsrom the scripts author s episodes assessments ratings reviews etc There is however just enough barely behind the scenes dirt that is what you really want right to make the book worth a look After reading all three volumes I have to say that I came to really The Measure Of A Man: A Memoir feel sorryor the three main stars Guy June and Mark This show was stolen away I Am Not Your Negro from them by Jonathan Harris He comes across in my opinion as a total creep He knewrom the beginning with a conniving plan to steal the show and become that star And my opinion is based not just on the Ultimate Bogart Pb facts presente. E TV ratings were affected by this shift in the series with a Nielsen TV ratings reportor every episode; Get access to the production schedules Budgets Letters from Hollywood: Inside the Private World of Classic American Moviemaking for each episode Vintage CBS promotion and reviewsrom TV critics; Plus

Loads of info on the series but almost Edie: American Girl fawning in hisixation with Johnathen Harris as the star but very little on the remaining cast membersTo be Majestic Hollywood: The Greatest Films of 1939 fair it does explain why LOST IN SPACE went so down hill in the second seriesBlack and white pictures are not that good a uality and about 80%eature the previously mentioned HarrisI think this is the weakest Excellent second volume of LOST IN SPACE behind the scenes The book was I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman fun explained a lot about what happened during this time and reviewers who only give it three orour stars have stupid reasons Family Secrets: Acts of Memory and Imagination for doing that Marc DIDocus on the other members of the cast and the book is Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond fun Heocused on Harris because the show did and yet he still The American Cinema: Directors And Directions 1929-1968 focuses on the others as well This book is wonderful and deservesive stars total Probably deserves ten stars It was the late 1970s I was in high school and I had spent years by that poi. Lost in Space went through changes Television Fright Films of the 1970s far beyond a switch to color when its Second Season premiered 50 years ago in the Fall of 1966 You willinally know the reasons why Read the documents which accompanied the changes; See how th.

books online Irwin Allen's Lost in Space: The Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci–Fi Series, Volume 2 – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

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