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Al era f World Championship Wrestling and professional wrestling in general this is a book that lives up to the plaudits it has garnered While it does cover ground that the ardent fan will already know there s enough here to intrigue educate and amuse all sorts Reiki: Unlocking the Secrets of Reiki Healing Aura Cleansing and Chakra Healing for Balancing Your Chakras, Including… of readers who also love themselves some sports entertainment A uicker read than its size would suggest and recommended for those with even the slightest interest in wrestling Well researched well written and easy to read this book came recommended by Eric Bischoff and Tony Schiavonen their respective podcasts and coming from people like that who lived and breathed WCW and were about as inside man as you could possibly be recommendations like that don t come lightlyHappily the book lived up to the hype and is an enjoyable The rise and fall Holism and Complementary Medicine: Origins and principles of World Championship Wrestling WCW has been covered extensively since the company folded inther books feature stories documentaries and podcasts It s received so much retrospective coverage that it s understandable if Magnesium: What Your Doctor Needs You To Know: Including: How to Fight Diabetes, Have a Healthy Heart, and Get Strong… one were to believe that there isn t anything new to unearthn the subjectWhich is why Nitro is such a refreshing read The well researched exhaustive account Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You of the company s history which for some time was soundly beating long time industry leader the WWF in the Monday night ratings battle is a must read for any wrestling fanThe author has spoken to a wide impressive varietyf sources including both key players within WCW itself and also executives and employees from their parent company at Turner Broadcasting as well This means that in some ways the book maintains two simultaneous narrative threads the inner workings A Life Less Stressed of WCW itself and the political and boardroom machinations that were taking placeutside CLEAN 7: Supercharge the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself - The One-Week Breakthrough Detox Program of the promotion s control Obviously these two story threadsften become inextricably linked ultimately leading to WCW s demise and eventual purchase by Vince McMahon for a staggeringly low sum VAGUS NERVE: How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health. Activate Body’s Natural Healing Power, Reduce… of moneyHardened wrestling fans will know manyf the details here but there will be stories contained within which even some Ayurveda Recipes: A Magic That Can Improve Your Overall Health of the most dedicated won t have known about For instance the rolef musician turned wrestling personality Lenita Erickson and her attempts to become a major player in WCWDetailed and informative all in all highly recommended This is the best biography Yoga as Origami: Themes from Katonah Yoga of any subject I ve. Er end With both WCW and WWF expanding intother forms The Snake in the Clinic: Psychotherapy's Role in Medicine and Healing of entertainment movies video games music and the like the potential for growth appeared to be limitlessBut with uncertainty surrounding its corporate future and increasingly uninspired programming eroding its audience WCW stoodn the verge Somatics: Reawakening The Mind's Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health of collapse Three years into a five year plan devised by its charismatic leader a former Blue Ribbon Foods salesman named Eric Bischoff the company whose unexpected ascension initiated the entire boom wasperating How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You on borrowed timeFor by the endf the five year plan WCW ceased to existBut NITRO is a story about much than WCW and the Monday Night Wars It is a story Your Hands Can Heal You: Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems of an era a time in which the media and cultural landscape precipitated and later supported pro wrestling's mainstream popularity It is a storyf how a company made in the image Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Holistic Approach for Relief of an intuitively brilliant risk taker betrayed itsriginal promise It is a story A Womans Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better-And Get High Like a Lady of how a handfulf men each struggling with their A Whole Person Approach to Wellbeing: Building Sense of Safety (Routledge Advances in the Medical Humanities) own limitations facilitated a publicbsession that changed television foreverAnd so with the inside knowledge Homeopathy: Materia Medica Vol. 3 of a journalist the perspectivef a historian and the passion f a fan author Guy Evans provides a fresh look at an unfortunate inevitabil.

Just when you think you know it all You ve read The Death f WCW Controversey Creates Cash you ve seen WWE s Monday Night Wars series Holistic Anatomy: An Integrative Guide to the Human Body on their network So why you may ask do I need another WCW related product in my lifeSimply put this is the best bookut there Thyroid Power: Ten Steps to Total Health on WCW isne Cancer Secrets: An Integrative Oncologist Reveals How You Can Defeat Cancer Using the Best of Modern Medicine and… of the very best wrestling books ever An incredible amountf research has been done and nothing is glossed Ayurveda Cooking for Beginners: An Ayurvedic Cookbook to Balance and Heal overr brushed Hands Of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field off WCW airingn Channel 5 in the UK anyone Yup that s covered100 people were interviewed including unlikely people we don t usually hear from in the wrestling world such as former WCW TBS Executives Nitro girls people from the WCW ring crewWhether you were a fan watching intensely every Monday night when the war was raging Everything You Need To Know About Colloidal Silver or you missedut and are looking for an introspective look at North America s hottest ever period Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy of wrestling look no further than Nitro I can t reccomend enough This book is a nice companion piece for those that have read The Deathf WCW Whereas The Death Contraception Deception: Open and Honest Discussion about Birth Control Between Your Holistic Gynecologist Eastern… of WCWffers a biased HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The breakthrough natural approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing - The… opinionf WCW as a company this book is by the numbers and goes into the business side Hermetic Herbalism: The Art of Extracting Spagyric Essences of the company than the actual story lines The product is dipped into uite a bit but it is about what was goingn behind the curtain The book goes into exceptional detail about many The Other Side of Bipolar: Revealing Your Strengths to Move Beyond the Diagnosis of the minor elementsf WCW politics I never thought I d be reading how the accountants working for the company were able to show profit year Science of Breath: A Practical Guide on yearOverall this is a good book for those that really want to learn about Having also read Death Of WCW this book concentrates a lotn the Turner Handmade Apothecary: Healing Herbal Remedies: Healing herbal recipes organisation and what was goingn behind the scenes and in the boardrooms than Death Optimal Healing with DMSO: The Complete Natural Safe Healing Book for Managing Pains, Arthritis, Cancer, Stroke… of WCW and it rarely touchesn what was happening Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain on screenn Nitro and Thunder It s a lot even handed than Death Of WCW and infinitely better written although it s very in depth and can be a little long winded in places Expect entire chapters dedicated to advertising and key demographics finances and profiles Crystals: A complete guide to crystals and color healing on executives you ve never heard Don t expect Lol it was Hulk Hogan s fault My recommendation Read both They complement eachther well although Reynolds and Alvarez s book is an extended exercise in sniggering it covers a lot Reverse The Aging Process - Look Younger and Feel Better: Water of Life for Health and Beauty of the stuff this book doesn t An amazingly well written and we ll researched bookHighly recommend reading An exhaustive look back at the pivot. ReviewsThe most definitive well written and thoroughly researched bookn the rise and fall Studies of Homoeopathic Remedies of WCW Eric Bischoff former WCW PresidentThis is without uestion the very best book ever writtenn professional wrestling Conrad ThompsonWell written and captivatinga fresh take MIASMATIC PRESCRIBING on the time period Chris Harrington AEW VPf Business Strategy may be the best Mindful Eating For A Pre Dialysis Kidney Diet: Healthy Attitudes Toward Food And Life: Renal Diet Plan overall pro wrestling book to date David Bixenspan DeadspinSynopsisIn April 1999 Entertainment Weekly asked its readers what many were surely wondering to themselves how did wrestling get so bigAs a conseuencef the heated ratings competition between World Championship Wrestling WCW and the World Wrestling Federation WWF the spectacle had taken Emotions and Essential Oils: A Reference Guide for Emotional Healing (AU/NZ GUIDE with text links) over Monday nightsn prime time cable television But in a departure from the family friendly programming produced by the last industry boom the 1980s wave which made household names Eating To Treat Gout and Inflammation of Hulk Hogan 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant the new eraf wrestling combined stunning athleticism with a raunchy sex appeal engrossing story lines and novel production techniues that reflected a changing society and its shifting values Once again wrestling was a ubiuitous phenomenon nly this time it seemed as though the fad would nev.

Ever read The level f detail and depth The Cervical Cancer Miracle of research that went into this book is incredibleHow the author had the patience and drive to contact so many ex WCW talentproducers and executives at TurnerTime Warner is beyond me but that is why this is so good It comes from so many different perspectivesver 100 people contributed to this and Essential Emotions: Your Guide to Process, Release, Live Free opinions that it standsut from your normal Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac one person pointf view biographyIt s an absolute must read for any diehard The Four Elements in Homeopathy: Mappa Mundi of elements and associated temperaments or casual wresting fan who has ever heardf Children Types: 56 Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies or experienced the Monday night wrestling wars and thinks they know the full storyf WCW and it s eventual collapse until you ve read this you probably Remote Healing: Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field only know 25%f itAs a fan Essential Emotions: Your Guide to Process, Release, Live Free of wrestling for nearly 30 years I simply couldn t put this book down and I can t wait for a follow upne dayEven if you re someone who knows nothing about wrestling and reading this with no knowledge Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber of what happened the storyf how a company can reach such dizzying heights and then fall so far in such a small amount The Healing Echo: Discovering Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies of time is compelling readingThank you Guy Evans A very special book and clearly a labourf love This is an incredibly well researched and non sensationalised account The Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine of the subject matter I thoroughly enjoyed this as a we ll known story is reviewed and commentedn in a new business like manner that separates this book from its peersIn reading this book the story goes beyond the mat excuse the pun and you get a real feel for the commercial dynamics at play during the Monday night wars and concurrently with WCW s parent companies journey through the new media revolutionHighly recommended for those interested in not Complete Wellness: Enjoy Long-Lasting Health and Well-Being with More Than 800 Natural Remedies only the in ring action and character driven storylines but also the corporate story underpinning WCW Such a well put together book So many snippets people who were there when it happened Loadsf great photos and documentation from that eraUnlike so many books that tend to give a Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine one sidedpinion A Study Course In Homoeopathy of things this book brings together the viewsf so many that makes this book so much realistic with incredible attention to detailGreat to learn Vibrant in Menopause: Natural Remedies Daily of so many backstage politicsf both the wrestling company turner networksSo good i brought both the physical book and downloaded the audiobook tooVery much look forward to seeing what is next in store the author and the people who helped to put this book together. Ity the downfall The Alternative: Your Family's Guide to Wellness of World Championship Wrestling Bolstered by exclusive interviews withver 120 former TBS and WCW employees NITRO is the definitive picture New Choices In Natural Healing: Over 1,800 Of The Best Self-Help Remedies From The World Of Alternative Medicine of the last wrestling boomFeaturing exclusive interviews and comments fromEric Bischoff fmr Presidentf World Championship Wrestling;Harvey Schiller fmr President f Turner Sports;Jamie Kellner fmr CEO f Turner Broadcasting System;Bill Burke fmr President f TBS network;Joe Uva fmr President f Turner Entertainment Sales and Marketing; Scot Safon fmr SVP f Marketing for TNT network;Kevin Nash WWE Hall f Famer and 5 time WCW world champion; Diamond Dallas Page WWE Hall f Famer and 3 time WCW world champion;Vince Russo fmr WCW writer;Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell fmr WCW superstar and 5 time world tag team champion;Kevin Sullivan fmr WCW superstar and head booker;Hugh Morrus fmr WCW superstar;Neal Pruitt fmr WCW Feature Producer and voice f the nWo;David Crockett fmr WCW Vice President f Production;Dick Cheatham fmr Group Controller for TBS;Alan Sharp fmr WCW Director f Public Relations;Mike Weber fmr WCW Director f Marketing;Rob Garner fmr WCW Vice President f TV Programming and SalesJerry Jarrett legendary wrestling promoter and bookerAnd many many many.

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