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A reat book about the history of Kung fu Where you can read about the different ways of fighting that were then developed against the Japanese pirates to defeat them This book will Driv'n by Fortune: The Scots' March to Modernity in America, 1745–1812 give you the information and knowledge that are very important to use toet a really ood picture to use in today s martial arts This book presents how Kung Fu was 460 years ago General iJiguang is the real successor of the today s MMA Kung Fu 1560 brings you back to the past and on the other hand back to the present because General iJiguang was ahead of his time The way he trained his soldiers to defeat the This book presents the facts of Kung fu of the Ming dynasty This is the first English book accurately present the unarmed combat technical details of General i Jigu.

Free Ebook Kung Fu 1560 ´ au.digitalmediapack.co.uk – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

S are really clear to understand There have been loads of attepts to translate eneral i jiguans book but i haven t seen any that made any sense This is the first book I ve seen with clear translations and it also shows the writings they came fromIt also shows eneral i jiguangs 32 momentums and explains the details reuired for themit is really clear and to the point and the depth and understanding of combat and training that they had in 1560 will shock you Its a must read once i started reading it i couldn t put it down This really is must have for all kung fu practitioners around the world. E The title of this book “Kung Fu 1560” means the ancient Chinese kung fu of 1560 This book is written for those who want to know the root and standard of Kung.

Apanese soldiers was well defined with full of science and technology which is exactly the same as most professional fighter nowadays do with modern tools This book is a must for the ones who want to evolve and develop their Kung Fu to what it originally was Anyone who practices or is interested in kung fu should et this bookKung fu 1560 is a complete refrence to the standards of kung fu in 1560 and it explains accurately in detail what kung fu was back thenThis is the first book to clearly translate eneral i jiguans chapter 14 on unarmed combat essentials into english and the translation. Ang’s Chapter 14 The purpose of this book is to look into what is the truth of ancient Chinese kung fu by evidence and present it in today’s language and scienc.

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