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Llego muy rapido el producto fue el esperado muchas gracias The breadth of this collection is unprecedented Yet many of the reproductions in this edition are too small to be enjoyed unaided A powerful magnifying glass is needed The thematic organisation of the images helpful Orgasms Voyeurism uestion of Size and Gods Monsters and Animals all get a look in The knowledgeable author presents a helpful perspective in h This may be one of the most comprehensive and richly illustrated shunga books on the market Weighing in at than 450 pages it contains a wealth of illustrations Organized thematically there are a host of images to illustrate each theme or sub theme Clearly a work that belongs on the shelf of everyone interested in shungaThat being said there are some concernsShagen has set out here to counter Timon Screech s argument that shunga is pornography His argument instead is that shunga is educational The truth lies somewhere between the two positions but probably to the bawdy side of the scale than the educationThe layout is often a challenge Many shunga prints are uite full of design and color The size they are reproduced here in often reuires a magnifying glass or a close look As well the illustr. Japanese erotic art or shunga has a long history with thousands of high uality paintings prints and illustrated books produced by both celebrated and anonymous artists mostly from the late seventeenth to the nineteenth century Freuently explicit but also tender sensuous and humorous even educational shunga a euphemism meaning 'picture of spring' celebrates all facets of human sexuality Hugely popular in Japanese society such depictions were regarded as entirely natural and are an expression of the refined pleasure seeking 'floating world' culture for which Edo period Japan when many of these works were created is famed Shunga works were enjoyed by all sections of

Ebook kindle Japanese Erotic Art – au.digitalmediapack.co.uk

Ductions covering every imagined variant of well reproductionWhat s not The minor thing is weak commentary on specific images There is a bit not a lot but segregation of text from pictures makes cross referencing a nuisance The major thing is the sizes of many pictures This is a thick book of coffee table size but many of the prints appear at no than postage stamp size literally stamp sized take a ruler and measure them Even some of the larger pictures come across as undersized when dozens of entwined figure crowd a space you can cover with one hand Please this is shunga I want to see how the figures connect who has what where details of the lush robes and interiors okes and printing minutiae and would prefer to see them without a magnifierReally it s a great cross section divided by theme and providing breadth than any other collection I ve come across If I could actually see all the pictures I d recommend this one ahead of any two other collections and there are some good ones out there A bit selectivity in which pictures to include and a bit less white space surrounding the reproductions would have made this a far better buy As it is I must love this one despite its very serious drawbacks wiredweird. Ights the symbols and motifs often hidden in the background of the art which are crucial for a proper understanding and appreciation of this genreFor a long time shunga remained taboo and excluded from scholarship but this ambitious book with a foreword by Professor Andrew Gerstle of the School of Oriental and African Studies University of London returns these wonderful artworks to their rightful place in the history of Japanese art culture and societyWith over 1200 illustrations all specially photographed and many rarely or never published previously this beautifully produced book explores the intimate riches of shunga in a way no other publication has done before.

Ations are keyed to notes in the text but the reference numbers are small and often the prints are arranged out of seuence with the text This is annoying than anything elseThematically Shagan missed a comment on shunga versions of The Eight Views of Omi Given the number of times this device was used mention should have been made As well the text is often cursory and we are left with little sense of how Shagen can argue that an image is one thing when it seems to be something else I enjoy the minimal text approach but in some instances was neededFinally there are few images where I disagree with Shagen s read of a print I am certain that everyone familiar with the subject will find something to disagree withHowever nothing in my reservations should distract from the value of the book The comprehensiveness alone merits getting a copy I did not buy this book What s to like Almost everything really The physical book is beautiful with heavy toned paper and gorgeous printing Commentary is informative without being pedantic Imagery covers a huge number of artists styles topics eras and any other axis of measurement you could name And there s a lot I haven t counted but many hundreds if not a thousand or repro. Ociety from samurai to ordinary newly married couples especially after the advent of woodblock printing made them affordable and accessible it was even possible to borrow shunga books from libraries Almost every artist of the famed ukiyo e school including Hokusai Utamaro and Kuniyoshi created shunga displaying brilliant imagination great technical achievement and originalityIn a dazzling diversity of images drawn from his own unrivalled collection Ofer Shagan shows us the full spectrum of sexual practice and expression including nudity and clothing voyeurism gods monsters and animals orgasm adultery and ealousy and much else Organized thematically this book highl.

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Ofer Shagan on Japanese Erotic Art