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Rominent How he overcame barriers grew into a man fast due to his hard life to moving up north to find opportunity His friendly Nice guy attitude is clear in the way the book is written It is written as if joe is having a casual conversation with you which makes his story compelling as you read it You can tell he is passionate about boxing and has a lot of respect for all things associated with the sport He is a loving god fearing humble guy and you get the picture that he would ve never felt to big to be your buddy Follow him through his hard life to becoming a truly all time great champ His dedication and attitude to life is inspiring Great read great man Superb insight into the life of a true sporting legend A man born in poverty in the segregated south who through hard work self belief and dedication became a champion whilst still keeping his feet on the ground The book is very well written This is a really njoyable read Joe Frazier comes across as a really nice guy and its a pleasure to read his reminiscences of his life One of the nicest books I have read in years I njoyed it so much that I got my dad a copy for his birthday It s not often you hear people say they wish they were older than they are but I ve always felt I was born two decades too lateI would have loved to have been a teenager in the 1970s to be out partying to the tunes of James Brown and to. And professional lif.

I thoroughly njoyed reading this autobiography It feels like Joe Frazier is telling you his life story It is a fantastic read for Frazier and boxing fans and for those that want to know a little about what is considered a golden How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good: fully revised and updated era of heavyweight boxingWhat also really comes across is Frazier s dislike of Ali Clay as he refers to him throughout and when you read this book you can and probably will sympathise with Smokin JoeIn summary anxcellent boxing autobiography by one of the greatest heavyweights in a golden Stop Smoking Today, Control Cigarette Cravings: Hypnosis, Meditation and Affirmations: The Sleep Learning System… era in heavyweight boxing A rags to riches story that proves with hard work and a will to succeed you can reach you dream A man who not only fought hard in the ring but fought an adversary who tried to demean him at all times Someone he could never forgive d Never forget your roots from a great fighter a great story My favourite heavyweight champion so offcourse i d love his book in his words However if you happen to be a casual heavyweight boxing fan this book still has plenty of appeal Joe is one of the all time greats and was one of only a few heavyweights able to dominate anra full of talent in the heavyweight division The peak of his career was undoubtedly beating Muhammad Ali in what was probably the biggest fight in boxing history Despite his success you will find out about his humble beginnings in the deep south where racist attitudes where Examines the personal.

Have been around to witness the greatest How To Quit Without Feeling S**T: The fast, highly effective way to end addiction to caffeine, sugar, cigarettes… era in of heavyweight boxing in historyFor my money the 1980s has one and d at a push two great heavyweights in Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes but the 1970s boasted three of the greatest of all timeThanks to the Rumble in the Jungle most people have heard of Ali and Foreman not least because Foreman would famously win the title again at 45 But it sasy for non fight fans to forget about the man who shared their pedestal Joe FrazierTo this day Philadelphia has a statute dedicated to the fictional Rocky Balboa while the man who inspired the film icon remains a footnote in historyPlans are afoot to put this right but this tale now almost two decades old rel Once I started this book I couldn t put it down I would definitely recommend it to any fans of Smokin Joe or anyone who is a fan of that Stop Smoking: The Easy Way Overcome Your Smoking Addiction for Life: Quit Smoking: Addiction to Smoking Series, Book 1 era of boxingI always thought of Joe as a kind and humble man and this book confirmed that for me Anyone who still wonders at the relationship between Frazier and Ali that has been debated for so many years will be left in no doubt after reading thisither Bought for son who thoroughly njoyed it Very informative and interesting book Arrived on time well packaged Would recommend Excellent n in true smokin joe style delivered with brutal bluntness a must for any fan of the 70s heavyweights n any casual fan of boxing Scamboogahs stay away hah. E of the famous boxer.

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